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Vanmorgen zijn we teruggekomen van een tournee door China met Sinfonia Rotterdam. Wat een schitterende concertzalen daar, alles nieuw, kosten noch moeite gespaard. Cultuur leeft enorm in China momenteel, de concerten (in Beijing, Changsha, Qingdao en Harbin) waren allemaal zeer goed bezocht. We speelden de hele week elke dag in een andere stad met twee Haydn-programma’s.

Wang Jiyan, een zeer bekende en gewaardeerde recensent in China, over ons concert in de NCPA in Beijing:

“In tonight’s concert in the National Concert Hall, Sinfonia Rotterdam gave a very beautiful, radiant and charming performance! In the “Farewell” Symphony just as at the performerce of Barenboim at the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s concert, the performers leave the stage in the final movement. More than Barenboim and the Vienna Philharmonic, tonight’s conductor Conrad van Alphen added to the effect by demonstratively leaving the stage in dissatisfaction when there were merely five players left.

In Haydn’s music tonight the performers beautifully presented the most lovely and intimate music in the world. After the intermission in the famous G major 94th “Surprise” Symphony the orchestra produced an uncompromising horror effect – a considerable number of listeners were really shocked! This is due to the fact that they are not familiar with this movement of Haydn. For those who are familiar with the work, even if the orchestra plays the “Surprise” like thunder, it is harder to be astonished because of the psychological preparation.

For me, Haydn was the best Haydn tonight! Even better than the Haydn we heard from the Berlin Philharmonic last year. Furthermore the Dutch musicians have convinced me that without period instruments Haydn can also be performed brilliantly and perfectly!

中国著名乐评人 王纪宴:今晚国家大剧院音乐厅鹿特丹小交响乐团(Sinfonia Rotterdam,其实翻译为鹿特丹交响乐团也未尝不可)的海顿是极优美、富有光彩和魅力的演奏!“告别”,也像十年前维也纳爱乐乐团新年音乐会上巴伦博伊姆和维也纳爱乐的演奏家们所做的那样,在末乐章后半部分,演奏家相继离去。而比巴伦博伊姆和维也纳爱乐更绝的是,今晚的指挥家康拉德·范·阿尔芬(Conrad van Alphen)在目睹乐队队员三三两两离去表示惶惑和不满后,自己也没坚持到曲终——台上有五位弦乐演奏家还在演奏时,他开路了!海顿演奏成今晚这样的水准和状态,不仅是世间最美的音乐,还是最亲切可爱、妙趣横生的音乐!下半场著名的G大调第九十四交响曲“惊愕”,今晚产生了不折不扣的惊愕效应——数量可观的听众着实被惊了一下!这得归功于他们确实不熟悉海顿这个乐章。熟悉作品的人,就算乐团把那处“惊愕”奏得炸雷一般,也很难惊愕,因为有心理准备。对我来说,今晚的海顿是最好的海顿!甚至胜过当年听柏林爱乐的海顿。荷兰的音乐家们让我深信,不在period instrument——古乐器——上,海顿也可以演得光彩四射,尽善尽美!”